Twitter- Taking Over The World

Twitter is taking over the world ladies and gentlemen.  I hate to break it to all the Facebook lovers, but there is actually more out there than stalking friends from high school.  I made my first twitter account last year and have been trying to convince other friends to hop on the bandwagon as well.  But seriously, twitter really has so much more to offer that could really benefit YOU!

Let me start off by saying that I have been more up to speed with current events happening throughout the world.  I’m serious.  I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch the news or read the newspaper.  Everything I hear about, I get it from the “Trending Topics” on Twitter.  “Trending Topics” are what people nearby and around the world are commonly tweeting about.  The coolest aspect of seeing what other people are saying about certain topics or current events is that it is literally CURRENT.  The news is happening in “real time” unlike most news stations that have to go on their webpage to update new stories.  In fact, the citizens of China beat their own government to the punch about an earthquake that struck.  Could you imagine running a country and finding out from Twitter that you’re country is having an earthquake? Me neither.

Another benefit to twitter depending on whom you ask is that fact that everything is kept real plain and simple.  The max amount of characters per tweet is only 140 so that makes tweeters have to think of something creative to make it happen.  Personally, I find it had for myself to get my whole thought out in 140 characters or less but I’m also one of those people like to just ramble on and on.  No one likes to hear people go on and on about a certain subject, and if they did they would go on Facebook.  At the end of these tweets, you can incorporate “hashtags” that way people can search and follow you depending on the topics you tweet about.  This is really important if you are trying to gain a certain type of followers.

Attracting followers is ideally the point of twitter.  But how you make it is what you’ll gain from the whole twitter experience.  Just like everyone says, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,”.  #FACT.  Let me be the first to say there are so many different people and groups you are going to come across on and its all about making connections, aka networking.  This online way of networking not only makes it much more convenient for us, but it opens up so many more opportunities that you might not of had.  The best way to build up a strong network is to attract a group of followers and basically keep them interested long enough to where they won’t “unfollow” you.  I have not personally taken full advantage of the networking on twitter, but my roommate however, landed her first internship, WHICH SHE LOVES, by connecting with the right people.

In recap, TWITTER IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!  Not joking.  So if you don’t have a twitter account yet, get with it because there’s more to it than you could have ever imagined.

the story of twitter


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